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The initial idea behind this blog was to share my favourite recipes with my friends. We now got to that age when we have to watch what we eat and feed our families at the same time. Having a collection of tried and tested, easy to follow and fast recipes has become invaluable.

Since I started blogging I realised that actually there is a lot more than cooking that I would like to write about. Nutrition has always been my passion, even though it is not something I do as a full time job.


I come from a medical family and healthy eating has always been a big part of my life. My father had Crohn’s desease from an early age. It is a debilitating condition that was not diagnosed or treated well 30 years ago. He devised his own diet that eased his symptoms and made it his mission to help other people suffering from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or any digestive disorders. The difference he made to people’s quality of life was truly inspirational.

I am in no way an expert like my father was, but I have aqcuired a lot of knowledge that might be useful or motivational to someone. I am learning something new every day and it is hugely rewarding to be able to share that knowledge through my posts.


This blog is not about fancy cooking that relies on dozens of exotic ingredients and it’s not about growing your own organic fruit and veg, even though it’s great if you can do it. It’s a blog for those who are looking to eat healthy meals that are quick and simple. It’s about recipes that are easy to follow, kitchen appliances that make cooking quicker and anything else that helps make life a little bit easier.

The recipes I share are not all mine. Some are our family recipes that I remember my mum using when I was a child. Some must have come from the internet at some point, but have become our family favourites. Some are from the cooking books that I have collected over the years. A lot of my recipes came from me following different weight loss plans and are suitable for different diet plans like calorie counting, low carb, low fat, weight watchers and slimming world. More importantly, however, they are healthy and nutritious.

Most of the review posts on this blog are written by myself. They include photos and my honest review of appliances and gadgets that I use in my kitchen. There are also posts, written by experts. They include more technical information and their ratings of various products and their alternatives.
Stuffed Peppers Method

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If you have tried any of my recipes or have any of the appliances that I mention in my posts, do share your experience. Leave your comments under that post or email me with photos and your comments and I will publish them for you. If you have any recipes or reviews of your own that you would like to share, please do send them in too.