Jane Plan Review – Week 2 Weigh In

Jane Plan Review – Week 2 Weigh In

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So I have got to the end of week two without stealing any of the children’s snacks. Admittedly there were a few moments of temptation on Sunday afternoon. For a brief moment I considered how bad it would be if I did a d-tour to my local co-op. The thought of garlic bread to go with my dinner was really appealing especially since the rest of the family were enjoying fish and chips.

Luckily the children wanted to go to the playground.  By the time we got back it was too late and I was just happy to have something quick.  Note to myself – distraction is obviously a great trick.  Fancy a chocolate – go and tidy up the playroom first.

So how did my week go?


-0.3kg (0.7lb) this week, -1.5kg (3.3lb) Total for 2 weeks

Not as impressive as Week 1, but I expected that.  I found losing weight an uphill struggle since I had my third child.  It’s like my karma kicking me back for all those smug slim years before I had the children.  I am now old and wise enough to know that the important thing is not the weekly results.  It is all about perseverance and finding the plan you can follow long term.


I am actually enjoying it.  The dinners I didn’t like have moved to the back of the fridge and the curries and pasta I picked this week were great. The favourite this week – Chicken Korma.  I have been avoiding Kormas for most of my adult life because of the calorie content, so this felt like a real treat.
Chicken Korma Jane Plan

I have grown very fond of the breakfast, lunches and the snack. The lemon shortbread is beautiful and the salted almonds packs are just about big enough to satisfy a savoury craving.

The worst meal of the week – couscous salad.  I took it work and ended up not having any lunch.  It was very dry and didn’t taste of much.  At home I probably would have added some salad leaves and olive oil.  At work it went in the bin.

I do miss the bread.  I did consider adding a slice of wholemeal toast to my daily menu, but decided against it for now.  I wonder how long it takes to train the brain into not craving the usual comfort foods anymore.  They say it is something like 21 days, so I am testing this theory.


For the first time in months I feel like I am finally on the right track.  I am enjoying Jane Plan enough to want to stay on it for the next few months.  It is something like 14 weeks left till Christmas (scary).  I am hoping to achieve some good results in that time.

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