Jane Plan Review – Week 3 Weigh In

Jane Plan Review – Week 3 Weigh In

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It’s the end of my 3rd week on Jane Plan. I still have one or two rejected meals at the back of my fridge, but in my mind I have finished the “phase one” of my Jane Plan journey.

This week my motivation was up and down. In a typical British style, I blame it on the weather lol. Last weekend was cold, grey and rainy. I have run out of all meals that I liked and I left all my remaining snacks at work. My husband and the children were having Grilled Chicken and Ratatouille that I cooked for them. Not a big surprise that I ended up with a portion of chicken and Ratatouille myself. (Followed by a few mini magnum ice creams).


-1.1kg (2.6lb) this week
-2.6kg (5.7lb) Total weight loss for 3 weeks

This week’s loss came as a very pleasant surprise. I suspect some water weight or just natural weight fluctuation is involved, but I am still very happy. So much so that I have decided to continue on the plan until Christmas.


I have enjoyed all my breakfasts and snacks in the last three weeks. Lunches and dinners were hit and miss, some I really enjoyed and some ended up in the bin. Going forward, however, I have ordered a smaller selection of meals. Luckily Jan Plan offer you two different options. You can go with the menu selected by their nutritionist or choose your menu yourself. This time I have only ordered the meals that I know were to my taste.

Jane Plan Dinner
Jane Plan Dinner – Tuna Pasta Bake



After a few days of deliberation I have signed up for a four months plan. It is three months left till Christmas and I still have two stone to lose. I figured that even if I manage to get rid of one stone before I have to go to the office Christmas party, it would be a good result.

This time I have squeezed myself into a pair of jeans that I struggled to zip up and asked my husband to take a photo of the “swim ring” around my waist. (Not a good look apparently lol). I am really hoping it will not be there anymore by the time we get to the December “after” photo.

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