Jane Plan Review – Week 1 Weigh In

Jane Plan Review – Week 1 Weigh In

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I have now been following Jane Plan for 1 week. There are things I like about it and things I have really struggled with. Below I have tried to list the good and the bad. If you are considering Jane Plan or any other meal delivery services you might find my experience useful.

If you haven’t read my previous posts, my Mum was staying with us for a week and following Jane Plan too.  This means the month’s supply gave her 1 week and left me 3 weeks’ worth of meals.

Jane Plan – The Good

Weight Loss

1.2kg (2.6lbs) in week 1 for me and 2kg (4.4lb) for my Mum. We are both very happy with this. I feel lighter and my jeans are not digging into my waist the way they were a week ago. Now I wish I took a picture of my waist a week ago for comparison, but I didn’t .


This is the part I enjoy the most. It is great not having to worry about planning lunches for the week or worrying about the salads going off. The lunch salad pots are convenient to take anywhere. They do not leak, do not smell and you don’t end up carrying an empty lunch box for the rest of the day. I even took one with me on our family trip to the Zoo. Had I not, I would have ended up having a hot dog and chips for lunch.

Keeping you full

I am really curious if this will last, but the meals seem to keep me full. In the past I have tried eating the meat/veg/good carbs. Every time I reduced my portions to anything close to Jane Plan meal sizes, I was starving. I am not sure how and why, but so far I have not felt like I needed to raid the fridge.

Portion Size

I have not felt anywhere near as hungry as I thought I would. The portions look small when you first see them, but with extra vegetables are actually not bad at all. I have been adding steamed vegetable mix or salads to most meals and felt comfortably full pretty much most of the time.

SnacksJane Plan Snacks

The snacks taste great. I enjoyed the savoury and sweet biscuits and the nut mixes were great too. My personal favourite were the chocolate covered biscuits and the lemon shortbread.

Tasty BreakfastJane Plan Breakfast

I found breakfast options excellent. All granola and muesli mixes taste great. Once again, although the packet look tiny, the portions seemed to be right. Most mornings I have them with berries (frozen or fresh) and milk.

Convenient Lunch

Jane Plan LunchI have watched and read a few reviews before I started and I have to admit, I was worried about lunches. Most reviews were suggesting that lunches were not very nice and not filling enough. I am not a fan of soups so only ordered salads and pasta dishes. Surprisingly I thought lunches were not bad at all. I found them tasty, filling and very convenient. Pasta dishes are served hot and with extra salad, make a great weekend meal. Salad pots are ideal for taking to work.

Jane Plan – The Bad


If you have ordered 2-3-4 portions of the same dish and you really don’t like it, you are kind of stuck.

Jane Plan DinnerI enjoyed the meatballs on Day 1 and the red curry on day 7. Unfortunately on day 2 I picked the Beef Stroganoff with Rice. I really liked the sound of it so I ordered a few. What a disaster. The smell, the texture, the tiny amount of meat, everything about it was just wrong.

The pasta dishes are ok.  Somehow they all seem to taste very similar though – lots of sauce and heavy spices. If you are not a fan of spicy food, you will find some of the dinners unsuitable.

By day 7 I am really craving for a dry piece of grilled chicken that is not swimming in anything.


So I have listed quite a few bullet points under the “good” and only one under “bad”. This week’s loss has overshadowed any bad points. I do, however, feel that with time the taste of the dinners will put me off the plan. Once I am done with the first month, I wish I could just keep buying the lunches without the dinners.
Do come back next Thursday for my week 2 update. Fingers crossed, there will be another loss to report.



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