Weight Loss – 3 Techniques For Success

Weight Loss – 3 Techniques For Success

If you are like me, you have probably read hundreds of articles on weight loss giving different advice on what to eat and what to avoid.  There are many respected experts coming up with contradicting advice confusing you even more.  One minute it is all about reducing fat, another it is all about avoiding sugars and carbs. 

We all know that weight loss is all about moderation, healthy eating and being active.  Why is it then that losing weight is so hard? What if you feel like your mind is playing tricks on you, making you eat what you shouldn’t and making you want what is not good for you? Are there any techniques that we can use to make achieving a healthier and slimmer body easier?

Below are 3 techniques that will do just that.  The chances are you know them all already.  Sometimes though laying out simple basics in clear bullet points focuses your mind and gives you the motivation to stick to whatever plan you are following.  Why not print them out and keep them on your dining table.  The more you look at them, the more likely you will be to follow them.

  • Talk to your mind as you would to a child. Do not ban anything, instead, use your power of persuasion and come to a compromise.  

Your mind has to agree that a walk in the evening is a lot more enjoyable than watching Coronation Street.  The minute you tell yourself you can’t eat that piece of cake or and ice cream, your mind will focus on just that, making sure you have the cake and the ice cream.  Imagine your mind is a child and you have to explain to him or her that what they want is unreasonable. 

Go through the dialogue in your head.  Explain to yourself that that piece of cake will undo at least a week of efforts.  Instead, offer yourself a compromise – why not go for a walk and enjoy a fresh mint tea/green tea/freshly squeezed juice whilst watching you favourite tv programme.

  • Set small goals and concentrate on today, not on what you want long term.

For me the hardest part was to bet the cravings.  What really helped was a technique that is often used for giving up smoking.  Do not think of giving up carbs or sweets forever.  That will make it too final and too daunting.  Think of it as “today I will not eat bread, but I will eat it tomorrow if I really want to”. 

Tomorrow repeat the same exercise.  You will find that this will make your goals a lot more manageable and achievable.

  • Involve family or friends in becoming active. You are a lot more likely to stick to a routine if you have made a commitment.

If you have children, get active together in a fun way.  Download Pokemon Go on your phone.  The chances are you will not know how to get out of that evening Pokemon hunt.  Or why not buy an activity tracker and turn it into a competition between you and your friend or partner. The person who gets the least steps in a week cooks Sunday dinner or pays for a cinema trip.

Before you know it, without much effort these small changes will become a habit that will become your way of life.  

Nataile Gardner

Easy recipes, healthy eating and fitness tips from a working mum of three on a quest for perfection.

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