#bestmealever or don’t believe the selfies

#bestmealever or don’t believe the selfies

Social media is great.  Ten years ago it pretty much did not exist and today it’s hard to imagine your life without it.  On many occasions I found it invaluable, complete strangers offered me support when I needed it the most. They gave advice, shared their experience and held my virtual hand.

But social media can also have a very different effect. If you are down, it can make you feel like there is this world out there, where everyone has perfect meals with perfect husbands and perfect children.  Smiley selfies, holiday legs photos and snaps of gourmet meals in posh restaurants can make you feel like you are failing at everything that is easy for everyone else.

Are some of your facebook friends those hashtag people that share every meal they ate and every bunch of flowers their husband gave them?  If they are bringing you down, log off your phone for a few hours, make yourself a cup of coffee and think –


Posting photos of fab meals might have been popular once.  Now it’s not just the food aficionados that post photos of their food.  Some people post their every meal at every restaurant they go out to.  The idea of #meal was to show that food can be art.  Posting photos of your pasta at a local Italian – that’s not cool.


Are you really telling me that their two year old has logged in first thing in the morning to post about his #bestdaddyever?  He was obviously keen to share this exciting news with his two year old nursery friends? 


And what exactly is the point of the “good morning and #happybirthday #besthusbandever” post? Is the best husband ever not in bed with them and would it not be easier to just wish him happy birthday in person?  Or are they both glued to their phones and it actually is quicker to tag him in a facebook post than it is to wait for him to look up?

And if the #besthusbandever and #bestdaddy ever is not quite enough, they will then eat the #bestmealever on the #bestholidayever.

If your life is not one #besteverythingever hashtag, are you beginning to think that something has gone wrong?  It has not!

The truth is, the #bestever posts are all about making the person who is posting feel better about themselves and their life.  You will find that often the most active people on social media are the ones that are trying to fill a void in their life.  The more likes they get for their selfies, the better they feel about how they look or feel.  “Likes” have become a modern stamp of approval that what we do is right.  They make us feel popular, liked and appreciated.  Every like reassures us that our friends are still there and ready to help when we need them the most.

So what do you do if your boss is being a pain, your husband has just forgotten your anniversary and the children are pushing every button you have?  You get posting – #bestjob, #besthusband and  #bestchildren.  Give it a few days, look back at the pictures and you will actually believe that the #bestlife is actually what you have.

Nataile Gardner

Easy recipes, healthy eating and fitness tips from a working mum of three on a quest for perfection.

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