Brown Rice Benefits

Brown Rice Benefits

We all know that brow rice is better for you. Brown rice is the whole grain that retains its outer layer. The milling process then converts it into white rice by removing that outer layer that contains the germ, fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. What is left, is pretty much empty carbohydrates with nothing else.
Brown rice is more nutritious, has a lower GI index, contains more fiber and takes therefore longer to process. It also, however, consists almost entirely of carbohydrates.
These facts are well known and engraved in our brain. So much so that I found myself feeling guilty every time I ran out of brown rice and had to eat even the tiniest portion of white rice.

Brown Rice V White Rice

That made me thinking, are those differences really that huge? Is white rice really so bad for you that you should avoid it all cost?
Below are the nutritional facts for Brown and White Rice.Rice Nutritional Value

It is obvious that brow rice’s nutritional values are better. The difference per 100g, however, is quite small. The calories are practically the same, there is practically no fat and no sugar in either brown or white rice. Both consist of almost entirely carbs. The main difference is in fiber content – 4.7g v 1.3g, a difference of 3.4g. Sounds considerable, but 80g of peas would give you 4.4g of fiber. In theory if you have 100g of cooked white rice with a side of 80g of peas, it will give you more or less the same fiber content as brown rice.
The question here is the size of your portions. The more rice you have, the more substantial the difference in fiber content would be.

My Opinion

For myself I have decided that brown rice is my preferred choice, but I stopped having the white rice guilt. If we go out and the meal comes with white rice, I enjoy it just as much, but eat a smaller portion and make sure I eat the veg with it.
So is brown rice better then white? Yes, but it’s really not the end of the world if you occasionally eat white rice too. Just like most natural foods, in moderation brown and white rice are good for you.

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