Cravings and How To Beat Them

Cravings and How To Beat Them

If you have been struggling to lose weight there must have been many occasions when you were wondering how some people achieve fantastic results and you can’t. How come you can be a successful in your job, achieving your other goals, yet not the weight loss?  Why is your willpower so selective in when it works and when it doesn’t? What is it that causes cravings that eventually lead you to one biscuit and then the whole packet?

    How To Beat the Cravings

There are many aspects to this, both physiological and psychological.  I have struggled with both, but it wasn’t until I learned how to manage my cravings through willpower that I started to see some results.

So what is willpower and why does it fail us so often in weight loss?  Are there any techniques to manage it in a more effective way?

Make improving your willpower a project, a training programme. Imagine your willpower is a muscle and you need to train it.  What would you do? The chances are you would start with gentle exercises and would build up the strength gradually.  The same works with willpower.  Go in too fast and too hard, restrict yourself in too many things, and you will burn too quickly. 

    Sleep well

Sleep plays an important part in rejuvenating our body.  The less sleep you get, the harder it is to control your appetite and not give in to cravings.  Make an effort to go to bed even half an hour earlier.  Any change will make a difference.

    Eat well

Starve your brain of the nutrients it needs and it will respond by seeking to replenish them fast.  If you are craving sugar, the chances are what your body actually needs is chromium, vanadium or magnesium.  If you cut back your food intake too much, your brain will rebel and will make those cravings much harder to overcome.

    Drink throughout the day

Dehydration sends the same signals to the brain as hunger, causing cravings and weakening the willpower.  The secret here is to drink before you actually feel thirsty.

    Don’t try to change too many things at once

If you are about to start a new job, move to a new house and start a healthy eating and fitness programme at the same time, wait.  Don’t give yourself too many tasks at once.  It’s much easier for your willpower to work when you are concentrating on one challenge and not four.

    Give your mind a break

If you are commuting to work, don’t spend all your time on the train browsing the internet.  Try and spend 10-20-30 minutes just thinking about your day or making a mental note of the things that you did achieve.

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