Oat Bran Pancakes – Easy Recipe

Oat Bran Pancakes – Easy Recipe

I am always on a lookout for good breakfast options. During the week my breakfast is normally a smoothie or overnight oats – please read my post on Healthy Breakfast on the go. At weekends, however, I do enjoy an occasional treat. 

Oat bran pancakes is one of my favourite weekend breakfasts. Easy to make and easy to dress up with fruit, honey or chocolate spread for the children, it is healthy yet so indulgent.

If you are a chocoholic like me, add some coco powder and a few drops of vanilla or almond essence to the mix for a chocolaty taste. The chocolate pancake is amazing with strawberries and a drizzle of honey or agave nectar.

For a savoury option mix the oat bran with some parsley or dill and serve with one of the savoury toppings below. 

The choice of sweet and savoury toppings is endless, below are just a few that I have tried and liked.

Healthy sweet toppings:

  • Berries and honey
  • Strawberry and agave sirup
  • Natural yoghurt and honey
  • Soaked dry cranberries and chopped nuts
  • Sliced bananas and lemon juice
  • Pineapple cottage cheese

Savoury toppings:

  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • Brie and ham
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Tomatoes and fetaOat bran pancakes


  • 3 tbsp of oat bran
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp of fromage frais
  • Optional for sweet pancakes – vanilla essence, coco powder, cinnamon, sweetener
  • Optional for savoury pancakes – herbs, salt, pepper


    1. Combine the ingredients and stir until the mixture is even. If the mixture is too stiff, add more fromage frais or a splash of milk.
    2. Grease a non-stick frying pan with a few drops of oil
    3. Pour the mixture on to the pan with a spoon to make a few smaller pancakes. Alternatively spread it evenly to make one large pancake
    4. Cook on a medium heat for a few minutes each side
    5. Serve hot or cold with your preferred toppings.

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