Kitchen Appliances – How to Choose

Kitchen Appliances – How to Choose

For many years kitchen appliances never featured at the top of my wish list.  My childhood memories are full of great meals cooked on a good old fashioned hob and using nothing more than a few pots and pans.  So if my Mum could do it without the fancy kitchen gadgets, I could do it too.

And then I had children.  Anything that could save me a few minutes here and there became important.  Any appliance that could do some of the cooking or cleaning heavy lifting for me, became my friend.  After all any of my time that goes on doing laundry, cooking or cleaning is the time that I could be spending with the children.

But how does one decide what will be useful and what will end up in the attic (yes, I am talking about my bread maker that sees the light of day about once a year)?

Read reviews

I trust word of mouth a lot more than the manufacturers’ promises so I browse forums, blogs, cooking groups and online reviews to see if I can pick up on other people’s wisdom.  The problem I find is that a lot of the blogs and forums are relevant to the US and often review the American versions of the appliances.  They may look the same, but often have different features or settings to our UK versions.

Ask around

My most trusted source of information is a good friend of mine, who is a fan of modern kitchen technology and is always ahead of me in acquiring the latest models of kitchen or household appliances and any useful kitchen gadgets. Often I borrow her new purchases and test drive them before buying them myself.   Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Healthy Fryer, Instant Pot Pressure Cooker and VAX Dual Power Pro Carpet Washer were just a few of the appliances that I tried. I ended up buying all three.  Follow the links for my reviews of these appliances.

Consider if it is right for you

<Don’t be tempted by every new gadget that appears on the market.  If you are on a low carb diet, a bread maker is hardly going to get much use in your kitchen. If you don’t often eat rice, there is no need to buy a rice cooker.  There is also the kitchen space issue to consider.  Some appliances may be great, but their worktop footprint makes them completely unsuitable for my kitchen. 

Don’t automatically go for cheap versions

Some of the modern appliances are certainly not cheap. Remember though that you do not have to buy all of them at once. Get the one that you need the most now and budget to put aside say £20 a month into an “appliance buying pot” to get the next one in 6 months. The quality of trusted brands normally gives you peace of mind for a good few years, so once you have equipped your home with all the essentials, there is no need to keep replacing them just because a newer version is available.

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